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01st Jun 2021

You can now get an outdoor pool with sprinklers for your dog

Sarah McKenna Barry

We can see our dogs spending all day on this.

Our pets deserve the world. This is undisputed

As the weather heats up, a big concern for many owners is keeping their precious pooches nice and cool. Of course, we’re all familiar with the usual safety protocols. We know not to leave our animals in hot cars, and we’ll continue to ensure that they have plenty of water and shade on hot days.

Indeed, it’s vital to keep our dogs cool on sunny days, but it’s also important to keep them amused. With that being said, Big Ralph, a company in the UK, have introduced the perfect solution our pooches deserve.

Their Dog Fountain Splash Mat is a 2-in-1 paddling pool and sprinkler, and we can see our dogs spending all day here.

The product description reads: “We all know our dogs love to play with water. So this summer, treat your furry friend to our water fountain play mat. Our safe and durable inflatable mat can provide your dog with hours of wet fun.”

According to Big Ralph, the pool is safe and environmentally friendly. On top of that, the layers are made from thickened PVC materials, which makes them “harder to tear meaning for a longer lasting life”. Each mat measures 150cm in diameter, which means it suits all our furry friends whether they’re big floofs or teeny doggos.

The company does advise, however, that you trim your pooch’s nails before letting them loose. Understandable.

The Dog Fountain Splash Mat is now on a half-price offer. This garden accessory normally retails at £50.99 (€59.04) but it can be yours for just £25.99 (€30.09).

The Splash Mat is currently in stock, but as the weather heats up, we can’t guarantee that they’ll last very long. To nab yours, head on over to Big Ralph’s website before it’s too late.