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19th Mar 2014

Brave Mother Uses Her Body As A Speed Bump To Save Her Daughters

Beautiful and brave.

Alanna Alexander

Mothers are amazing. One of the many reasons no one can ever love us as much as they do is their complete selflessness.

Even at just 22-years-old, this mother was no different.

Mindy Tran backed her car up into the garage and got out of the car but that’s when she realized that she forgot to put the brakes on. The car started rolling down the drive way and towards traffic with her two-year-old twins buckled-in the back seat.

That’s when she leaped in front of the car, throwing her body under the wheels so it could act as a speed break.

“I didn’t want to see my kids in the hospital and at that moment, I knew it was either them or me,” said the Massachusetts mom to reporters at ABC News.

screenshot via WCVB TV

Neighbours ran over to help, jumping into the car and putting on the brakes but it was only until firefighters arrived that the car was lifted off Tran.

The brave mum emerged from the run-over with a crushed knee and a dislocated hip. Doctors say she could be in the hospital for the next few weeks.

“I don’t consider myself a hero,” she said. “I am just a mother.”