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09th Apr 2013

Back-Handed Compliment? The 12 Worst Things You Could Ever Hear

"You're a grand big girl..." Ouch.

Whether the intentions are good or not, there are just some things we’d rather not hear. “Back-handed compliments” some might call them, others might refer to them as “insults”.

We’re positive people here, we like to call them “small misunderstandings”.

Regardless of what they’re called, it’s still not enjoyable to be at the receiving end of them.

The definition?

Our top twelve? Here we go…

1. “You’ve a lovely face.”

And that’s it, is it?

2. “You look tired/You look a bit under the weather.”

So, I look like sh*t?

3. (After a new hairstyle/makeover etc) “Ah, you look lovely now.”


4. Anything with “actually” in it could be regarded as a veiled insult.

“You’re actually quite nice…”

Why, what have you heard?

5. “You look like *insert attractive person’s name here*, just without the *insert defining feature here*”

Don’t even bother then…

6. “Where did you learn to do that?!”

And that’s enough of that then…

7. “You’re a grand big girl.”

Eh, cheers?

8. “You have a grand big appetite.”

We’ve come to the conclusion that anything “grand, big” is not good.


9. “When are you due?”

Worst. Ever.

10. “You’re not as stupid as you look.”

Well, that’s positive.

11. “You look more like your mum everyday.”

Our mums are gorgeous, don’t get us wrong… but the reference to us ageing at a rapid rate is not taken to kindly.

12. “You look like you need a sandwich.”

Translates as “You look like a train wreck”.