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13th Jul 2015

Are You One Of The Most Annoying People On Social Media?

Is it time to change your habits?

If you’re a proud fitness fanatic and love to share your latest achievements online, you could be irritating your friends and family.

According to the latest research, it’s not over-sharing baby photos, complaining about exes or vague status updates that irritate Facebook friends. It’s an over-fondness for flashing the flesh (and yes, we mean your abs).

The study by Medical Xpress found 53 per cent of people label fitness braggers as the most annoying users of social media.

So why are those gym and ab selfies annoying us?

While we might look online for the latest body motivation, chances are we want our snaps from the experts, and yes a case of jealousy can creep in.

Web psychologist Nathalie Nahai told Marie Claire:

“This kind of bragging is harmful to self- esteem because we are more likely to judge ourselves against another person‚’s body image than a picture of someone’s salad. It leads to feelings of frustration and envy.”

While we’re all for keeping fit and healthy, it might be worth thinking before you post that new personal best.