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25th Jul 2012

An Enormous Lollipop Smashes Guinness World Record

A confectionary company in the US has created the world’s largest lolly in the history of sweets.

An enormous lollipop has smashed the Guinness World Record and is officially the largest on earth.

According to Metro, the lolly weighs a colossal 7,000 pounds and is currently on display in San Francisco.

Confectionary company Sees Candies produced the giant treat and CEO Brad Kinstler said it is a great accomplishment.

“We are so pleased to have created a larger than life version of our favourite candy-on-a-stick.

“This accomplishment is a testament to our extraordinary production team, who spent many hours designing and constructing the world’s largest lollipop.

“We can’t wait to showcase this record breaking lollipop on National Lollipop Day to our customers in San Francisco,” he said.

The world’s largest lollipop

Unfortunately customers will not be able to sample the lolly, which is made entirely out of chocolate. Instead, the sweet will be recycled after its’ sell by date.

A Guinness World Records’ adjudicator certified the lolly and it beat the previous record holder by nearly 500 pounds. is devastated that the public can’t sample the lolly. We almost had our flights booked!