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05th Mar 2013

A Very Unlikely Protestor Speaks His Mind At The NUIG Student Elections

Grumpy is as grumpy does...

If you’re a lover of social media and the bizarre element to it that is the “meme”, you’ll know Grumpy Cat…

Grumpy Cat is quite frankly the grumpiest cat you will ever meet, but he’ll always get a laugh.

Some of his life observations, quips and comments include:

He purred once… he hated it.

He can’t wait for the holidays… to be over.

You know what’s great about the outdoors? Nothing.

And the memes?

He’s even got his own Twitter account to share his daily woes with the world.

We’ve only ever seen Grumpy Cat on our computer screens, so we did laugh out loud when we noticed he had something to say about the NUIG student union elections this year…

The image was posted online by Reddit user theskymoves.