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25th Jun 2013

A Typical Day in the Life of Hogwarts’ Professor Snape

Our favourite Harry Potter anti-hero takes some well deserved time out.

There’s nothing quite like taking a life-size cardboard cut out of Harry Potter’s Professor Snape and taking him on a wild adventure for the day.

Sure doesn’t he deserve a break?

Here’s what Snape got up to on what we reckon is a pretty typical day out:

1) Wakes up and heads for a shower

2) Tries to pick an outfit for the day

3) Hmm maybe this instead…

4) Gets something to eat

5) Heads for a quick run in the gym

6) Goes off to feed the ducks

7) And a bit of a sunbathe

8) Stands around this train for some reason

9) Heads home to lament Lily Potter for a while

10) And finally… hits the hay

What crazy adventure will this Hogwarts professor get up to next? Who knows but we’ll be certainly keeping an eye out for more magical moments.

Pics via Pleated Jeans