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04th Feb 2019

Turns out, this colour of wine gives you the WORST hangover

Red, white or rosé?


It’s a given that no one likes hangovers – but a wine hangover? Welcome to hell. 

However, it turns out that minimising the pain might be simpler than you think.

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The age old question – which colour wine gives the worst hangover; red, white or rosé? – has finally been answered.

While drinking enough of any colour will inevitably make you feel a little worse for wear, it turns out that red wine is the biggest hangover culprit.

This is down to the ‘congeners’ that give the wine it’s dark colour.

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Drinks that are higher in congeners are darker in colour – meaning red wine has considerably more than white.

According to ABC, congeners are a toxic byproduct of the fermenting process, and while the body breaks them down, toxins are released causing us to feel unwell.

And that dreaded red wine headache is not a figment of your imagination – it’s actually down to tannins in the drink, a flavonoid that makes the wine dry.

However, your choice of drink is not actually the biggest factor in determining the scale of your hangover.

There’s a cocktail of factors that contribute to that mind-numbing headache, including how much you drink and how effectively your body metabolises alcohol.

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Making sure you drink plenty of water and eating something before popping the bottle will go a long way towards easing that pain the next day.

Bottoms up.