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30th Nov 2016

A Dublin shopping centre has caused outrage over its Christmas display

People have been complaining.

People have been complaining.

Omni Shopping Centre in Santry, Dublin, is facing a lot of criticism for its Christmas display this year.

For the display, it used a live reindeer which has been met with a backlash from animal rights groups.

Bernie Wright from the Alliance for Animal Rights [AFAR] told The Mirror, “It’s very hard to get through to people. That’s how little people think about these things. Everybody needs to think about this.

“It is a public liability risk… besides it being morally wrong, her [reindeer’s] concern is not being taken into account.”

She also spoke to Adrian Kennedy from 98FM’s Dublin Talks where she said, “I think really the big overall view of the problem is that we exploit animals all of the time for our needs or for profit.

“But a lot of people, I suppose, would be going into the Omni to buy their turkey or whatever. The reindeer will just be a source of amusement there for a day.”

Shoppers have also been quick to question the shopping centre’s decision to have a live reindeer.