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23rd Apr 2021

5 hanging chairs you can still get your hands on for under €300 (mostly)

Niamh Maher

We just want to hang.

If there’s one thing that everyone wants to get their hands on these days, it’s a hanging chair that’s shaped like an egg. Don’t ask me where this craze originated, I don’t make the rules, I simply enforce them. The fact is, the trend is here, we all want one, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we get to own one.

Yes, these aesthetically stunning furniture pieces are selling like hotcakes, even finding them online is a triumph in itself and we understand the panic; you can’t deny they make stunning additions to any indoor or outdoor space.

We’ve compiled a few options that are in stock (at the time of publication) and that you can get your hands on that won’t break the bank.

HK Living Rattan hanging chair from – €291.00

This stunning rattan hanging chair is a bargain at €291 it is worth noting that there’s no stand with this, so it will need to be fixed to a load-bearing structure for safety.

Littlewoods Cane Hanging Chair – €319.00 

This little beauty is the reason for the ‘mostly’ in the headline, coming in a teeny bit over budget at €319, I still think it’s an absolute bargain and comes complete with a stand so there’s very little construction involved.

Sklum’s Hanging Hammock in wicker – €241.95 

Sklum ships to Ireland, and having direct experience with this site, I have to say the whole process from order to tracking and delivery is pretty seamless. The cushions come with this beauty and like the first chair you’ll need to attach this to an structure as there’s no stand so do keep that in mind.

Lidl‘s Hanging Egg Chair – €219.00

THEY’RE ON THE WAY. Please don’t come for us in the comment section, we know that these chairs aren’t available yet but we couldn’t do a round-up without the infamous Lidl hanging egg chair. We’re letting you know that these bad boys will be back in stock on April 29th. We can’t guarantee that you’ll get your hands on them, but we’ve given you fair warning.



OutdoorFurniture‘s Sedan Hanging Chair – €299.95 

We started off so positively and yes, we’re entering pre-order territory but you have to understand how hard it is to find these chairs. This beauty is out of stock but it’s available for pre-order and will be delivered to your door when it restocks. I think that’s still a pretty good deal and we tried our best.


*All chairs were available to order or pre-order at the time of publication, aside from the Lidl chair… we’re not wizards.