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24th Oct 2013

10 Things… Movies Taught You About Being in Your Twenties

Ah your twenties. In movie land, you’ve moved on from the angst of your teenage years, you’re without the pressures of your thirties, and life is pretty much ten years of bitching about work, hooking up with both your friends and total randomers and more than occasional self-indulgent wallowing. It’s a golden time. Here are ten things the movies taught you about being in your twenties.



1. You will be living in a city. No movie twentysomething lives in the countryside.


2. You will have a FANTASTIC loft apartment in said city, and you will never wonder about how to pay the rent.


3. You will have a career. Not a ‘job’, a career. And most likely a boss who is a total ass.



4. Happily, this career allows you to invariably buy designer clothes, which would set a real twentysomething back a month’s wages.


5. You will experiment with your sexuality and not give a s**t if Nuala down the roads knows about it and disapproves.


6. You will, at one time or another fall helplessly head over heels for someone who is completely wrong for you, and epic heartbreak will ensue.



7. Shortly thereafter, you will have a brief, but hopelessly romantic affair with the person destined to become The One That Got Away.


8. You will spend half of this decade of your life going to weddings. You’ll spend the other half bemoaning the fact that it looks like you’ll never get married.



9. You and you friends will be a really obnoxious, self-centred group of people. If you’re the token ‘nice’ one, prepare to get walked all over.


10. The soundtrack to your entire life will be made up solely of cool indie bands. Lucky you.