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06th Apr 2017

We’ve found the world’s HEALTHIEST wine (and it’s so pure they even have a skin-care line)

Katie Mythen-Lynch

glass of wine death

Ever heard of a wine maker launching a skincare brand before?

We hadn’t either, until we discovered Nikolaihof, an Austrian winery that grows grapes so pure and free of contamination that they can be used to create organic cosmetics after the wine-making process is finished.

What’s more? While you’re sipping it you can be 100% guaranteed that your cool glass of white contains no herbicides, pesticides, artificial fertilisers or synthetic sprays.

Dating back to Roman times, Nikolaihof is the oldest wine estate in Austria.

It’s run by the Saahs family, headed up by Nikolaus and Christine Saahs and their four children, who all work in the business and keep nasties off their vineyards using stinging nettle manure, valerian drops, valerian tea and other specially produced preparations, which are applied in highly diluted form like homeopathic medicines.

The farm is run along biodynamic guidelines, which means for planting and harvesting times the Saahs family refers to the moon calendar.

The whole process is carefully monitored and cleared by the Demeter Association, one of the strictest control systems of organic agriculture in the world.

Not only is the wine delicious but the grapes used to make it are used to create grapeseed oil used in their Grapeseed Intensive-Serum, moisturisers and hand cream.

All products in the range are formulated using traditional, regional ingredients without the use of palm oil, paraffins or silicones.

If you find yourself touring the stunning Wachau Valley in Austria (on the southern side of the Danube river) you can even stay in the family’s boutique hotel and tour the winery, filling up your suitcase with vino (from just €13!) and organic skincare goodies before you leave.

Girly holiday, anyone?