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19th May 2016

This plate will reduce the amount of calories in your meal

WHERE can we get one?

Why does everything that’s bad for us taste SO GOOD?

It’s so unfortunate that the foods we adore are often dripping in fats, grease and excess unnecessary calories.

But the solution is actually so simple and has come to us finally in the form of a very stylish absorbent plate.

Designed by ad agency, BBDO Bangkok, and the Thai government health board, the AbsorbPlate contains 500 micro holes that capture excess fat dripping off food and prevents it from seeping back in.

The plate was designed initially with thai food in mind. While it’s delicious, it’s often cooked in a massive amount of oil. The cuisine probably attributes to Thailand’s high rates of obesity.

According to Mashable the plate is still in concept phase so it may be awhile before we can eat guilt free.

Probably wouldn’t recommend licking these ones clean.