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15th Nov 2016

There are some surprising health benefits to drinking beer

Good news if you’re a beer drinker…

As the saying goes, a beer a day keeps the doctors away. Okay, so no one says that, but they may start after this latest discovery.

New research discovered that a moderate daily alcohol intake (mostly beer) helped slow the decline of high-desnsity lipoprotein  (HDL) and if you cant remember what that means from your Home Ec days, it’s basically “good” cholesterol. Drinking beer has a better effect on this than not consuming drink at all.

This week a study of 80,000 adults conducted by the Pennsylvania State University found it could also reduce the risk of having a stroke or developing cardiovascular disease.

The Telegraph reported that there are actually numerous other health advantages to drinking beer. These include lowering the risk of kidney stones, strenghening bones and decreasing the chance of diabetes.

It is also said to reduce the risk of Alzeimhers and cure insomnia.

So if you’re heading out this weekend, don’t feel guilty about drinking a few pints because really, it’s all for the good of your health.


Of course this is all based on moderate alcohol consumption, so one or two glasses is good for you, but at lot more than that comes with health risks too.