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03rd Oct 2017

Colour-changing ‘smart tattoos’ now exist to track your health

Throw that Pebble away, girl.
smart tattoos

If you don’t count your steps using an external technological device, did you even walk anywhere?!

You’d be hard-pressed finding someone who hasn’t used, or doesn’t at least know what the craic is with, health tracking devices.

The likes of the Pebble and Apple Watch have been dominating the lives of the health obsessed for years, but now there’s a new toy that’s sure to capture the minds of hearts of every Insta-famous health blogger.

Well, not-so-much ‘toy,’ more ‘actual tattoo that’s stuck to your skin.’

And less ‘Insta-famous health blogger,’ and more ‘people who literally need to monitor their health levels regularly.’

Introducing smart tattoos – they look cool and they can track changes in your health.


smart tattoos

Scientists in MIT and Harvard University have created the smart tattoo as an alternative to regular old watches and apps.

The specifics of the smart tattoo are still a little murky as its conception is still very much in the early stages, but researchers are adamant that they’ve invented the latest in health tracking technology.

And, it could potentially last for a lot longer than your regular ol’ Pebble.

The colour-changing tatts can detect changes in our hydration and blood sugar levels, essentially meaning that they can warn us about potential medical emergencies without us having to manually check anything ourselves.

Handy out.

New York Daily News has reported that the advantages of smart tattoos include their use without electricity, their weightlessness, and their ability to work irrespective of skin changes.

The use of specific inks also means that some of the tattoos can only be visible under certain lights.

Handy if you’re not a massive fan of tatt-culture but need to check your health on the regular.