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28th Oct 2013

Must Haves for the Medicine Cabinet – Three Buys for a Perfect Smile

There are few things that make a person more attractive looking than a great smile. To keep your grin looking gorgeous, we’ve paired up with LloydsPharmacy nationwide for a guide to the top buys for perfect teeth. 


Colgate – You’ll find the full range at LloydsPharmacy. All you need to keep your smile bright and your oral health in check! Always keep a spare tooth brush in the medicine cabinet, add mouthwash and a whitening toothpaste and you’re covered for visiting guests too.  Make the most of the Colgate bundle at just €7.00 for all three items.


CB12 Mild – if you’re worried about bad breath, keep this in your medicine cabinet. It eliminates the cause of bad breath for up to 12 hours letting you go about your day with confidence. €13.99 for 250ml & €4.99 for 50ml


Pearlys Professional Teeth Whitening – Treat yourself to a Hollywood smile with Pearly’s Whitening Range. Lloyds offer a free gift of a bag, rinse and floss if you buy two products right now. RRP €49.99



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