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24th Feb 2021

MAFS star Lauren shares story of “pimple” that turned out to be skin cancer

It started as just a spot on her nose.

Married At First Sight Australia star Lauren Huntriss recently revealed that she had to undergo surgery to remove skin cancer when she was just 27.

Huntriss says that it all started out as a spot that started bleeding and that she is so glad that she got it checked out.

The 33-year-old says that she first noticed the spot in 2015 and that no matter what she did it wouldn’t go away.

Eventually she went to the doctor’s to get it seen to and that was when she received some shocking news.

“On observation the dermatologist noticed this spot on my nose. He said it looked suspicious so took a biopsy.

Results came back and guess what?.. it was a skin cancer! “But I’m only 27!” I said at the time”

Huntriss opted for surgery and a skin graft (as the surgery had made a large hole in her nose) and she feels lucky that she caught the cancer when she did.

She went on to say in the post that she feels incredibly lucky that she spotted the blemish at all and that she might not be here today if she hadn’t.

Huntriss who regularly talks about skin care on her social media platforms hopes that by telling her story more young people will be wary of skin cancer and to get anything that looks suspicious checked out immediately.

Huntriss is most known to many for her appearance on Married At First Sight in 2019 when she was paired with videographer Matthew Bennett.

However the couple did not remain married for long when Bennett said during a dinner party that he wasn’t attracted to Huntriss.

On a recent post she made about her appearance on the show Huntriss wrote;

“This experiment was 2 years ago for me and I have well and truly moved on and grown from my experience. “