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25th Apr 2022

Lynsey Bennett celebrates daughter’s “exciting” milestone

“Another milestone this weekend.”

This weekend saw Lynsey Bennett celebrate a milestone for her daughter with a touching post on Instagram.

Bennett, who was affected by the CervicalCheck scandal in Ireland, shared a series of pictures on Instagram to mark her daughter heading off to her first disco.

The post included a throwback photo to her daughter and her best friend eight years ago, and a photo of them together now.

“Another milestone this weekend,” Lynsey wrote. “Getting to see my teenage girl off to her first disco with her day 1 bestie from junior infants.

“8 years exactly in the difference between these 2 pictures and I so proud, they had the best night on Friday.”

She added: “The excitement when getting dressed just warmed my heart.”

Lynsey also shared a picture of a teddy bear her daughter gifted her as a surprise.

She explained: “On Saturday, I was really back in the good books after (a) few weeks of the I don’t like Mammy club which I chose to ignore (while wanting to disown her) as she’s nearly 14 and as teenagers most of us have all been there, so it was nice to be surprised with a present of this little teddy bear (….) I’ll take the win and the kindest gesture.”

Since her cervical cancer diagnosis was delayed in 2017, Lynsey has been sharing her health experience with her followers online.

Earlier this year, she reflected on how she has come to accept the hysterectomy she underwent shortly after she was first diagnosed.

In a post on social media, Lynsey explained how the negative thoughts she had about the procedure are getting quieter as she gets older.

She explained that when self-doubt tries to tell her that she is a “failure”, or “broken”, she settles her mind by realising that, just like her cancer, not being able to have children “is one part” of who she is.

“It’s not the only thing that makes me and even though it’s hard to remember especially on extremely tough days I try to remember to live and smile and be grateful for the parts of me that still have a chance to be happy in life,” she wrote.