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07th Feb 2017

How to INSTANTLY unblock your stuffy nose (we swear this works)

Katie Mythen-Lynch

Has a cold or ‘flu got you looking a little more like Rudolph than you’d like at this time of year? 

Streaming eyes and a stuffy nose are par for the course, but there are some simple tricks you can try to clear your sinuses in a jiffy.

The good folks over at Prevention magazine have created a handy video demonstrating two genius methods for ridding yourself of that ‘underwater’ feeling.

The first? Place the tip of your tongue at the roof of your mouth, then press the part of your forehead between your eyes. Repeat for 20 seconds.

The second tip involves holding your nose, tipping your head back and holding your breath for as long as you can.

Seriously; once you try them you’ll wonder why you’ve never heard of them before.

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