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24th Nov 2016

If you have brittle hair try adding more of this vegetable to your diet

It’s worth a try!

Many people who suffer with dreaded dry hair spend huge amounts of money on treatments, products and hairdressers.

But perhaps it’s better to stick to natural remedies when it comes to sorting your hair.

Common homemade hair treatments include raw eggs, avocado and coconut but there is one we haven’t tried yet that is said to work wonders.

If you only consider ginger an ingredient in Christmas cakes and gingerbread men, think again.

Ginger has an incredible amount of beneficial properties. It is hailed as a super vegetable aiding everything from skin to stomach aches, but it is also hugely praised for the wonders it can do to your hair.

While it’s worth eating more of it for your overall health to help your hair specifically, direct contact is best.

Root of ginger on wooden table

Ginger contains zinc and phosphorous, which give a nice shine to hair. It is rich in minerals and essential oil, and is also as a remedy for dandruff and dry, itchy scalp.

So essentially the vegetable (mostly used like a herb) is a real hair hero.

Adding the juice from ginger to your hair directly is said to be the most beneficial, others add it to a spritz bottle and spray it directly onto the hair.