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22nd Jul 2015

Here’s How Drinking Red Wine Could HELP Your Waistline

It’s the news we’ve all been waiting for…

If you love a sup of red wine after a long day, this could be the news you’ve been waiting for…

From eating grapes and drinking grape juice, to downing a glass of your favourite bottle of wine, a new study has shown that the red wine grape fruit source could be the winning formula in shifting those extra stubborn pounds.

The study, led by biochemist Neil Shay, found that the red wine grapes dramatically slowed the growth of fat cells and formation of new ones. As well as helping trim the waistline, researchers from Oregan State University and the University of Florida also revealed that the grapes were proven to boost the metabolism of fatty acids in liver cells.

The study supports findings from a 2013 report, where pinot noir grapes were introduced to the diets of chubby mice.

The mice were divided into two groups – one set on a diet containing 60% fat, while the second were fed a 10% fat diet. Over the 10 weeks, the mice that had a grape supplement accumulated less fat in their livers, despite whether they were in the 60% or 10% fat diet group.

Speaking about the new leading weight loss research, Neil Shay said:

“We are trying to validate the specific contributors of certain foods for health benefits.

“If you’re out food shopping, and if you know a certain kind of fruit is good for a health condition you have, wouldn’t you want to buy that fruit?”

So maybe pop that bottle of merlot in your basket… purely for medicinal purposes.