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11th Aug 2015

Do You Google Your Symptoms? Here’s A Different Way To Self-Diagnose

No internet required.


Forget palm reading, the latest fad in self-diagnosis is paying more than just lip-service when it comes to looking after your health.

The latest technique to track your well-being is based on the Chinese art of tongue-reading, and the only tool you’ll need is a handy mirror. We promise there’s a point…

According to this ancient medicine technique, the tongue is connected to every major energy meridian and internal organs, and if you learn to ‘read’ it early on, you could save yourself a hefty doctor’s bill in the future.

So how does it work?

When you first wake up, and before you brush your teeth, take a look at your tongue in the mirror.

As well as noting the colour (you’re hoping it is a healthy pink), note if there are any changes to texture (can you see rough patches, indentations)?

If you do notice something amiss, compare the area of concern to this diagram:

tongue map

What are common tips to look out for?

A u-shaped coating at the back could indicate toxins in your colon, while discoloured areas on the side and/or back could mean you need to have your kidneys checked. Did you clock a reddish spot towards the front? It could mean you have an overworked heart.

According to the ancient Chinese technique, you can also tell about your psychological state from the curves, cracks or ridges in your tongue.

If you do spot something unusual in appearance, keep a record for up to a week before contacting your doctor, who can then take a detailed look.