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02nd Nov 2015

A “Vaginal Exercise Device” Has Been Banned From Facebook

It certainly looks unusual

Facebook has rejected ads for kGoal, a vaginal health device, despite allowing images of condoms and other products pertaining to the male organs (including lube and massagers).

kGoal is a device pelvic floor strengthening device that offers the user immediate feedback via a smartphone app.

Brian Krieger, CEO of kGoal manufacturer Minna, Slate that when he submitted images of the device to Facebook to include in an ad, he received an automated email claiming the images violate the sites standards.

“Ads are not allowed to promote the sale or use of adult products or services, including toys, videos, publications, live shows or sexual enhancement products,” the email read. “Ads for family planning and contraception are allowed if they follow our targeting requirements.”


The “exercise” device

Krieger responded to the ad department insisting that the device was not an adult toy but rather am exercise device that is not “intended to be used or marketed as a pleasure device or anything like that.” He did however say that “It’s true that the product is placed into the vaginal vault of the body so that it is able to measure the strength and duration of pelvic floor exercise muscle contractions.”

Facebook however remained determined to reject the ad stating; “This decision is final and we may not respond to additional inquiries about this ad.”

Facebook PR representative Mike Manning says the ad embargo is not about the specific product but rather with the production company as a whole. Minna produces other adult products, branded as such. Manning said that Facebook must consider the landing pages its ads link to and that “if the main focus of the business on the website is the sale of adult products, that pages is not allowed to advertise”.

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