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07th Oct 2017

How Stefanie Preissner lost 11 stone in a year and a half

"I made one simple rule."

Stephanie Preissner kind of blew all of our minds on last night’s Late Late.

The writer revealed that she had lost 11 stone in a year and a half.

“I had never tried to lose weight (before),” she told host Ryan Tubridy.

“I was just always overweight and I just thought that was who I was.”

It is just another version of me and I kind of grew up like that.”

Seeing her reflection in a shopfront while walking down Grafton Street in Dublin was a turning point for her, she explained, and she vowed to lose six stone.

“It wasn’t easy but it was simple – I had not make its simple by making a rule. I made one simple rule: I don’t eat sugar. I don’t eat sugar of any description.

“I started kickboxing two times a week because I had been very sedentary because as a writer it’s easy to be sedentary.”

Despite her lifestyle changes, Stephanie emphasised that she is the same person now as before the weight loss.

“She was exactly the same as me because she was me,” she said, discussing images of her as a teenager.

“Same thoughts, same ideas, just looked different.”

That point was what made Stephanie’s interview different, and in our opinion more valuable, than others about weight loss.

We are not our bodies; they’re just one element of who we are and a person’s character doesn’t necessarily change because they look different.

Fair play to Stephanie for reminding us of that.