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11th Aug 2015

Spoiler Alert: Pretty Little Liars Star Shares Inside Scoop Ahead Of Tonight’s Big ‘A’ Reveal

Warning: This story contains plot spoilers.


If you’ve been following the six seasons of Pretty Little Liars, chances are you’re on the countdown until the big reveal.

But if you’re planning on tuning in, you won’t want to be late, as star Sasha Pieterse who plays Ali has revealed A’s big reveal will happen at the start of the finale episode.

ABC Family's 'Pretty Little Liars' - Season Six : News Photo

Speaking to MTV News the actress said:

“We’re not hiding anything anymore. There’s no questions that I have, as far as our past goes and everything that has happened in the show thus far. We literally cover everything in this finale.”

Pretty Little Liars finale

Pieterse added that the storyline delves deep into A’s background, bringing viewers on a trip down memory lane but with a twist:

“What I really appreciate about this episode is that we’re not just throwing you things, so that you guys are satisfied. There’s actually a really deep, dark story line here, and you’re seeing a totally different version of everything that has happened so far. It’s this crazy person’s life, and it shows what’s making this character tick and why all of this madness has happened. And it’s actually kind of heartbreaking.”

Pieterse also confirmed that A is someone Ali knows, before adding that working with the character was thrilling, if not unusual after six years of a secret identity:

“It was shocking! It’s not what we’re all used to doing, to have it all out in the opening was really weird. And then having these intimate scenes with this character, who we’ve never had a face for, was really cool for us. We love this person… who I can’t say the name of. But it makes sense, and it fits this person so well — they’ve totally made this character their own. It was an honour to be part of that and watch this person work.”

While the series finale airs in the states tonight, you might want to avoid Twitter tomorrow if you won’t have a chance to catch up on the viewing before work tomorrow…

Hat-tip to MTV News, images via ABC