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04th May 2015

Spoiler Alert! Home And Away Favourite Set To Leave Summer Bay

As always, this story contains spoilers.

Summer Bay teen Jett James is set to fall out with adoptive parents Marilyn and John when they refuse to accept his plans to join the Navy.

Following the recent Anzac Day commemoration, Jett decides he wants to leave the Bay to attend military school but his parents won’t take him seriously.

According to TV Week, Jett becomes increasingly angered by Marilyn and John’s lack of support, telling them he doesn’t need their permission.

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John, who previously served in the armed forces, will try to reason with Jett, while the turn in attitude will see Marilyn tell her adoptive son she will never support his decision.

Speaking to TV Week, Shane Withington who plays John said:

“There is high tension in the family. Because John was in the navy himself, he has sympathy for Jett. But he realises Jett is so young.”

Executive producers have yet to confirm whether the teen will be exiting Summer Bay during this storyline.