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22nd Oct 2016

Sharon Osbourne messed up AGAIN on The X Factor tonight

People have been quick to comment.

Laura Holland

People have been quick to comment.

Sharon Osbourne just can’t catch a break. She’s made quite the impression after she returned to The X Factor and not for all the right reasons. She keeps making mistakes on the live shows which people have been more than happy to give out about.

One time she forgot the name of her own act and also forgot where her act was from.

This week has been no different with Sharon making yet another blunder on the show. While speaking about Ryan Lawrie’s version of Adele’s Rolling In The Deep she said, “This is a song that needs such emotion, we needed to see your body moving, not your eyes closed playing the guitar.”

She then added: “But you’re only 17 and you’re doing really good…”

This would all have been fine until Ryan started saying, “I’m not, I’m not”, to which Mrs O replied, “you’re not what”, before being quickly informed that he is 20, not 17.


People have been quick to have their say online about her mistake.