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01st Aug 2015

PICS: First Look At The Newest Cast Members To Join Made In Chelsea

There’s bound to be a few troublemakers in this group.

Made In Chelsea are set to take their summer holidays again this year – and this time the cast are heading to sunny Los Angeles to stir things up.

Joining cast regulars Lucy Watson, Mark-Francis Vandelli, Binky Felstead, Louise Thompson, Jamie Laing, Alex Mytton, JP, Jess Woodley, James Dunmore, Josh Shepherd and Toff, and American regulars Stephanie Pratt and Alik Alfus will be five new faces stirring up trouble.

With hints of break-ups, make-ups and new hook-ups, here are the five new faces you should keep an eye out for:

Naz Gharai


Naz, originally from Del Mar in San Diego, is single and describes herself as a “hopeless romantic”. While studying for a degree in biology and psychology, the brunette stunner is also an assistant to a famous music producer.

Bryan Mione


Bryan is a structural engineer and self-professed party boy, who owns a holiday home property development business. Born in Calabasas, the regular partier is single, and a neighbour to the Kardashians.

Cody Weselis


Bryan’s best friend since childhood, Cody has been a stunt double since the age of eight and was a competitive snowboarded by the age of 13. Known as a ladies man in Hollywood, Cody likes to dabble in music in his spare time.

Noah Bewley


Noah is an international model, and describes himself as a “mummy’s boy”. As well as liking to make people laugh, he says he’s a nice guy who tries to avoid trouble. He’s also single.

Olivia Fox


Born and bred in Beverly Hills, Olivia calls herself “animal loving” and “clean living”, but enjoys a “rock star lifestyle”. As well as being single, she also has a thing for European men.

As well as the new faces, it is rumoured Stephanie will bring brother Spencer and sister-in-law Heidi Montag into the series with a series of guest appearances planned for the pair.

"We're the most famous people in the world."

All cast images via E4