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21st Jul 2015

PIC: Magic Mike Fans Down Under Are Really Missing Out With These Censored Posters

We wouldn’t be happy. Not one little bit.

While we all went in droves for the storyline (hey, we can pretend), it’s universally accepted that the Magic Mike XXL stars might have caught our attention with their bodies.

As well as THOSE dance moves and arms, we have a soft spot for their non-flabby at all abs.

Magic Mike XXL posters are being censored in Australia and it's AWFUL

So when we saw that the Australian marketing team behind the film posters had added t-shirts and vests to the beautiful bodies of Channing and co, we couldn’t help but feel an entire country was missing out…

All is not what it seems though. According to The Mirror, the posters were actually printed on a a special paper which means after dark, the tops come off.

While we can see the genius marketing ploy, we’re happy to go with the regular promotional posters we spy on our way to work every day.