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01st Jun 2018

Pat Phelan has officially left Coronation Street and here’s how it all happened

The scenes played out as part of #PhelansRevenge

Keeley Ryan

After what feels like forever, Coronation Street fans finally saw Pat Phelan get his comeuppance.

That’s right, after months of terrorising Weatherfield, Pat Phelan has died (for real this time) after being stabbed by Anna Windass.

The dramatic scenes began on Thursday night, as part of the long-running soap’s #PhelansRevenge storyline.

After breaking free of the builder’s yard where Gary had been holding him hostage, Phelan decides to pay a visit to his wife, Eileen.

However, since she thought he was dead after he fell off a cliff around Easter, she was pretty stunned to see him at Number 11. And definitely didn’t want to let him inside the house.

Phelan was determined to see his new grandson, Zack, and ended up storming his way inside the house.

He soon struggled with his wife Eileen, his daughter Nicola, and his former apprentice Seb, who were all trying to overpower him and take his gun.

Things went terribly, terribly wrong – and Nicola ended up getting shot.

On Friday’s episode, which picked up where Thursday left off, Phealn took Nicola to the Bistro – the same spot where Michelle Connor and Robert Preston are saying ‘I do’.

He demands that Ali – Michelle’s son, who is also a GP – administer first aid to his daughter.

As Ali and Rana battle to save Nicola, Phelan is left feeling like he has nowhere to turn – and decides to take Michelle hostage.

After locking them both in the kitchen, Phelan comes face-to-face with his old nemesis Anna Windass, who stabs him. Unfortunately for Michelle, Phelan shoves her away in shock – and shoots her.

The storyline came to an end as Phelan, realising that the game was finally up, pulled the knife from his chest – wanting Anna to go down for murder.

As the killer takes his last breaths, Anna stands over him triumphantly – telling him that she finally won.

The last time viewers saw Phelan was as his body was being zipped into a body bag.

Fans had long been hoping that Anna would be the one to take down the murderous builder, especially after he was the reason she got sent to jail earlier this year.

So they were pretty delighted with the outcome of the episode.

The episode ended with Anna declaring she had had “enough of Weatherfield” and was seeking a clean slate – and her daughter, Faye, deciding to go with her.