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16th Jul 2022

Love Island boss says Jacques left the villa for “himself”

Ellen Fitzpatrick

He’s set to be on Aftersun this week.

Love Island boss Mike Spencer has opened up on the true reason as to why Jacques O’Neill shockingly left the villa.

Jacques made the sudden decision to leave the show during the week, breaking the news to his fellow islanders during Tuesday night’s episode that he was “being himself” during his time there.

Waiting for Paige on the outside, she seems to be getting along well with Adam Collard, who returned to the show after he first appeared on it back in 2018 only a day before Jacques left.

Fans have since been concerned for his wellbeing and have been wondering how the rugby player has been doing since being home.

With both dumped islander Antigoni Buxton and Jacques’ mum confirming he is doing a lot better since being home, love island bosses have also given an update.

Fans have been speculating the real reason he decided to leave, and Mike has now cleared up the confusion.

Many suspected he was asked to leave the series, but producers are insisting that it was entirely his decision. Mike told Deadline: “Jacques is amazing. We love Jacques. When you date, your emotions are naturally up and down. Finding love is not a simple thing, that’s why the show is so relatable.

“Jacques was on his own journey and he had a strong connection with Paige but sometimes you have to think about yourself and that’s what Jacques did. We respected his decision to head home.”

Adding that Jacques will be appearing on Sunday’s Aftersun, Mike said he was “excited” to be on screen again.

“All the contestants are adults. We speak to the families of the Islanders every day. They have a point of contact and they’re updated every day,” he said.

Revealing that she had FaceTimed with him, dumped islander Antigoni explained that he told her he is in a “good place” since leaving.

Speaking to OK! Magazine, she said: “I spoke to him yesterday – I met his mum on FaceTime, she was lovely. He seems like he’s in a really good place. It was just his time. I’m really proud of him for making that decision.”