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12th May 2016

Ireland’s favourite box sets have been revealed

So many to watch!

Laura Holland

Who doesn’t love a good box set?

There’s nothing better than kicking up your feet and spending hours watching your favourite show back to back. Even if you’ve finished the whole series, a box set gives you the option to dip back in whenever you want.

New research has been conducted by Sky Box Sets to find Ireland’s favourite box sets and there are some great choices. Unsurprisingly, Game of Thrones, which is currently in its sixth season on Sky Atlantic, was picked as the nation’s favourite box set, closely followed by the adored Irish sitcom Father Ted.

Other box sets in the top ten are Friends, Walking Dead, Making A Murderer, The X-Files, Sopranos, Breaking Bad, Prison Break and Criminal Minds.

The study also revealed more Irish people would rather watch a box set than go to the pub. One-fifth have two or more box sets on the go at any one time and admit to feeling excluded if they hear others discussing a box set they haven’t yet seen. While a quarter of people share their thoughts on what they’ve watched immediately by calling or texting a friend.

To overcome a serious case of box set FOMO, more than a quarter admitted to staying up all night to make sure they don’t miss out on the conversation. And nearly half admit Game of Thrones tops the ‘left out’ list.

While some forego sleep to catch up on conversational cliff-hangers, one-tenth admit they would lie about watching a box set episode by looking up synopses online in a bid to keep up with discussions. Again, Game of Thrones is the number one show people lie about seeing.

Here are the results of the survey for the top ten box sets and ultimate box set cast.

Ireland’s top 10 addictively good box sets
1. Game of Thrones- 49.7%
2. Father Ted – 37.5%
3. The X-Files – 36.8%
4. The Walking Dead – 35.9%
5. Making a Murderer – 32.5%
6. Friends- 29.8%
7. Sopranos – 27.9%
8. Breaking Bad – 27.4%
9. Prison Break – 19.9%
10. Criminal Minds – 19.6%

Ireland’s top 10 ultimate box set cast
1. Leonardo DiCaprio – 24.5%
2. Jennifer Aniston – 17.7%
3. Tom Hardy – 17%
4. Colin Farrell – 17.6%
5. Bradley Cooper – 15%
6. Eva Longoria – 14.1%
7. Woody Harrelson – 14%
8. Emilia Clarke -12.6%
9. Sarah Jessica Parker – 11.6%
10. Kiefer Sutherland – 10%

The survey results have been announced in conjunction with the release of every episode of the new wealth and corruption drama Billions, starring Damian Lewis and Paul Giamatti on Sky Box Sets. The new series also airs on Sky Atlantic tonight (Thursday 12th May) at 9pm on Sky Atlantic.