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29th Jul 2015

“I’ll Be There For You” – Fifteen Things We Learned From Friends

Honestly, we learnt so much from these guys...

The brilliant Lisa Kudrow turns 52 today and although she has gone on to forge a successful Hollywood career since Friends, she’ll always been Phoebe Buffay to us.

To celebrate her birthday, we decided to look back at fifteen things we learnt from Friends.

1. We all were like a particular character

Whether you were male or female, everyone had a particular character type. It wasn’t beyond someone to shout “You are such a Monica!” at their flatmate randomly cleaning or that you loved food as much as Joey. Everyone fit in somewhere, no one gets left behind.

2. You should really know the woman’s name that you are marrying…

It can be helpful.


3. There is no selfless good deed

You will always benefit from it in some way.

4. It doesn’t matter that you were on a break

Especially if you just broke up about twenty minutes before that. You were not really on a break.

5. Joey does not share food

Ever. And neither should you. That’s a rule right there.


So if you tell a woman something, she will tell her friend… Guaranteed.

7. “How you doin’?” is the greatest chat up line ever

Works in ALL situations.

8. Always read the entire letter…


9. Nobody knows what pivot means.

Literally, no one.

10. Sometimes you don’t know what your friend actually does for a living.

Honestly, what did Chandler do?

11. Your dog didn’t go to the farm.

No, your dog is dead. That’s a lie.

12. When they say count to 5 in the tanning booth…

You better count to five… Not 5 Mississipily.


13. A true friend will pee on you…

…if you get a jellyfish sting.

14. Condoms are not completely effective.

We’re talking 97% of the time.

15. Everybody has a lobster

He’s her lobster!