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12th Sep 2013

Fine Thing on Film – Six of Channing Tatum’s Sexiest On Screen Turns

We could watch him all day long...

Since bursting onto the big screen with the hugely successful Step Up in 2006, you would be forgiven for thinking that Channing Tatum would be a (beautiful) one trick pony who would eventually disappear into obscurity. But it seems since this big break, Channing has morphed into one of the most recognisable and talented actors in films today (and trust us, there have been quite a few for us to admire lately!) And in anticipation of his next thrilling role as Cale in White House Down check out just some of our favourite Channing Tatum roles below!



Possibly one of Channing’s most famous roles to date, Step Up, was an overnight success (and also where he met wife, Jenna), during a time where dance films were hot. Channing played out of control teen, Tyler Gage. After vandalizing a performing arts school, he is sentenced to community service at the school where he comes across dancer and student, Nora. A classic tale of boy-meets-girl…who would have thought they would be perfect dance partners too?



After working steadily in supporting roles, including a special appearance in the sequel to Step Up, Step Up 2: The Streets, and as Pretty Boy Floyd in Public Enemies (alongside the likes of Johnny Depp), Channing’s next release saw him take on his biggest role yet as Duke, an American soldier who becomes joins the GI Joe Team in GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra. The film went on to make over $300million dollars worldwide, making it Channing’s highest profile film role until then.



Let’s face it, after The Notebook, we all knew it would be difficult (maybe even impossible) to top the film that women (and men) all over the world fell in love with! Then came The Vow in which Channing swept women everywhere off their feet all over again as Leo, a man who must win his wife’s heart all over again after an accident leaves her with no memory of him at all. Sigh.



With the successes piling up fast, next came last year’s hotly anticipated 21 Jump Street in which Channing starred as Jenko (opposite Oscar-nominated Jonah Hill) an underachieving cop who along with partner, Schmidt (Hill) must work undercover as high school students to take down a drug ring. The film opened to both critical and commercial acclaim with a sequel already in the works.



2012 proved to be a fruitful year for Channing when Magic Mike hit screens it became the film dreams are made of. Playing stripper, “Magic” Mike, Channing starred alongside equally hunky fellows such as Matthew McConaughey, and Joe Manganiello. The film which was (very) loosely based on Channing’s own life as a stripper, brought his supreme dance talents to the fore once again (but with less clothing this time!) making it a veritable feast for the eyes in more ways than one.



And so we come to Channing’s most recent role as policeman Cale in Roland Emmerich’s White House Down. Whilst on a tour whilst on a tour of the White House with his young daughter, Cale must fight to save both her and the President (Jamie Foxx) from a group of heavily armed invaders. A more serious role that adds another dimension to Channing’s acting talents.


White House Down when it hits cinemas across Ireland and the UK on Friday 13th September