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07th Jun 2015

Fan Of Dawson’s Creek? This Was The Shocking ORIGINAL Ending To The Show

You might not like what you’re about to read.

For all you die-hard Pacey fans, there’s a shock announcement that you may not want to know.

According to US Weekly, Dawson’s Creek’s co-showrunners Kevin Williamson and Paul Stupin have revealed that Joey was originally supposed to end up with Dawson and not Pacey.

We are not impressed.

Speaking about the original plans to turn the childhood best friends into the ‘happy ever after’ couple ending, Stupin said:

“It was clear to us that it was she and Dawson who would wind up together. Halfway through, Kevin calls me and says, ‘I changed my mind.'”

Williamson said it was only as he started writing the final series that he realised that the soul mates theory didn’t suit Joey and Dawson as a romantic couple but as friends:

“I wanted it to be a twist on the teen genre but also wanted it to be surprising, honest and real and say something about soul mates and what soul mates can be.

“That’s why we did it that way. When you left the show in that last moment, they’re a family and everyone got what they wanted. There was fulfilment and they were all happy.”

Thankfully, Williamson got his way, and an entire generation were ruined by the love affair of Joey and Pacey.

And Dawson was left to make movies. Which if we’re honest, was always his first love anyway.