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09th Mar 2020

#CuratedWithCassie: Can ‘face yoga’ really take years off you – and what the hell is sparkling tea?

Cassie Stokes

The last week has been all about trying new things.

I taste tested sparkling tea, was treated to some face yoga and travelled to Galway to visit one of the most famous pizza places in the country. And I caught it all on camera for the latest episode of Curated With Cassie, which you can watch here or below.

I had first heard about ‘face modelling’ from a friend of mine who has been having the treatment at Essentials beauty & Skincare clinic on Dublin’s Baggot Street for just over a year. Her life has all the perfect ingredients for a tired looking face: she is a lawyer, an entrepreneur and a mum. Like the rest of us, she’s busy but her skin would give you the impression that she just does yoga and bathes in skin oils all day long. She swears by this treatment, so I was intrigued to try it out.

Essentials offers face modelling and face yoga with one of its top skincare experts, Agnes Gajewska. Face modelling is basically a 90-minute facial which focuses on your back and face, and aims to get the toxins out and the oxygen flowing.

Face yoga is a class carried out in the clinic on Sundays that teaches you to use all 57 muscles in your face. Once you do three of these classes you have the movements and knowledge needed to practice at home on your own. I’m told that if you practice it for 30 minutes every day for 20 weeks it can make you look as much as three years younger – no surgery involved! You can see the results I had after just a single session in the video below.

Another first was trying some sparkling tea at Wilde in The Westbury in Dublin. This new drink looks just like a glass of Prosecco, but instead of being made from grapes it’s created using fusions of up to 13 types of organic tea.

Sommelier Philip Dunne gave me the low-down on the innovative bubbly, which is deliciously light and pairs well with salads, seafood and desserts. Sparkling tea is currently available on the menu in Wilde in low-alcohol and no-alcohol varieties. Watch me taste sparkling tea for the first time here.

My final new experience was making pizza with The Dough Bros. As you probably already know – because I just don’t stop talking about it – pizza is my favourite food. I have been told countless times to go to Galway and try Dough Bros so I made the trip this week. How lucky I am that pizza tasting can be part of my job!

Owners Ronan and Eugene are some of the soundest guys you can come across. They’re actual brothers from Galway who fell in love with pizza on a childhood trip to Naples and the rest is history.

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