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15th Nov 2019

Cat Hospital: a new RTÉ series about cats and their ailments is starting today

Jade Hayden


Now that that’s out of the way, there’s a new documentary about cats, vets, and cats attending the vets that’s starting tonight on RTÉ.

And you better be sure that we’ll be cancelling every single one of our Friday night plans to watch this bad boy.

The new series, aptly called Cat Hospital, details the trials and tribulations of a load of lovely feline friends who need to go and get their health checked out by some equally lovely vets.

Cat Hospital takes viewers inside Ireland’s first designated veterinary clinic specifically for the optimum pet – the cat.

Nestled in the leafy environs of Glanmire outside Cork city, the hospital is run by veterinary specialist Clare Meade who along with her dedicated team, offers highly specialised care to her feline clientele.

Throughout the six part series (six parts!), the team will chat all things cat-health related, such as neutering, spaying, grooming, and even life-threatening ailments.

Sounds adorable and intense all at the same time.

Ideal viewing of a Friday night.

The first episode of Cat Hospital will focus on biker Wolfgang, who is worried about the newest arrival his cat gang of 25.

His cat, Paulina, is unfortunately having extreme difficulty breathing – so much so that it looks as if Clare will need to operate on the poor girl.

Viewers will also be treated to retired ballerina Lavinia, who lives in Blackrock with her two thoroughbred Siamese cats.

One of the cats is named Del Boy. That’s all you need to know about that.

A cat called Curley will also visit the hospital with a split tongue, while feline friends Whitney and Bobby discover the shocking realisation that they have become infested with red harvest mites called chiggers – a situation that can sometimes be fatal for cats.

It’s all kicking off, lads. Telling ye.

Cat Hospital airs tonight, November 15, on RTÉ One at 8.30pm.


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