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05th Dec 2013

What A Hero – This Latest Story About Paul Walker’s Generosity Is Genuinely Heartbreaking

Sue Murphy

We have heard so many heartbreaking stories about how kind Paul Walker was in his life that we didn’t think any could top the generosity we had seen, but this one just broke our hearts a little bit more.

The actor was apparently doing some Christmas shopping in a jewellers when he overheard a couple talking about their engagement ring.

According to CBS, the couple in question were deciding on a ring, but when the wife-to-be picked out the one she would really like, her fiance announced that he couldn’t afford it.

The gentleman in question had just returned from a tour of duty from Afghanistan.

Walker, who had overheard the entire conversation, told the jeweller that he would like to pay for the ring, but insisted on doing so anonymously.

When the couple discovered what had happened, they begged the staff from the store to tell them who had done such a wonderful thing, but the store refused to confirm anything.

It was only after Walker passed away that the staff revealed what had actually happened and who had paid for the engagement ring.

An incredibly sweet story about a man whose generosity knew no bounds. A very sad loss.

Video via CBS.


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