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22nd Sep 2023

Two male Love Island stars thrown out of celebrity event over ‘vile’ behaviour

The Love Island stars were allegedly thrown out of a London event.

Two male Love Island stars were reportedly thrown out of the re-opening of Space NK’s Duke of York store in London on Wednesday, September 20th after displaying  ‘vile’ behaviour.

The two former islanders were allegedly kicked out of the event after they ‘threw’ money at a homeless man and were heard speaking in a homophobic manner.

TikTok star Ashleigh Huish, who was also at the event, took to her Instagram stories to say she overheard the two men, whom she did not name, bragging about their status and referring to themselves as the most famous people in attendance at the celebrity event.

Other islanders, such as Amber Gill, Kaz Kwami, Whitney Adebayo, Lana Jenkins, Sanam Harrinanan, Sammy Root, and Jess Harding, were in attendance at the star-studded event, as well as big industry names Louise Redknapp and Cat Deeley.

Ashleigh detailed the ‘vile’ behaviour of the two men and admitted she was left shocked by how ‘self-entitled’ they were.

“The night was slightly soiled on by two Love Islanders, who are just the most vile pieces of s*** that could have possibly ever walked the planet. It seemed like they weren’t even invited, and they just turned up. Do you know what they said?

“I’m actually embarrassed for them because they said they were the most famous people in the room. I was in a room with Louise Redknapp and Cat Deeley – proper famous and influential people – and then there were these two Love Islanders who appeared in the last season and just got off TV two months ago.

“Nobody even really watched that season. Be realistic. But these two are going around saying they were the most famous people there, which is embarrassing.”

The TikTok star went on to say that the unnamed reality TV stars threw money at a homeless man outside of the re-launch event after he asked if they could spare some change.

When organisers were made aware of the happenings outside of the event, the two men were thrown out.

“Where I drew the line was when I was stood outside in the rain with my friend and having a chat, and this homeless man walks past and asks for money. This islander puts his hand in his pocket, looks at the homeless man, and throws the money at him. I see this with my own eyes. He throws it at the homeless man. He then had to bend down and pick it up off the floor.

“Then they proceeded to be incredibly homophobic, and that is where Space NK was told, and they made them leave immediately because they do not tolerate homophobia or any kind of disgusting behaviour, really.

“They were kicked out. There were other things that happened as well, apparently, but I didn’t see any of that.”

Huish labelled the two Love Islanders as ‘the most obnoxious, disgusting, vile cretins’ she has ever ‘had an experience in a room with’.

“Never have I ever been in the company of two people that are so f****ing out of touch with reality because their behaviour was so disgusting.”

It has not yet been confirmed who the two former Love Island contestants are.