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24th Jun 2022

Two dumped islanders have confessed their feelings for each other since leaving the villa

They’re even going on a date.

The first two contestants to be dumped from Love Island have confessed their feelings for each other since leaving the villa.

Afia Tonkmore and Remi Lambert may have struggled to find a connection with anyone during their short time on the show, but it looks they may have found one in the real world – with each another.

The two never met in the villa, as Afia was booted out before Remi’s entrance as a bombshell alongside Jay Younger.

Since then, things have been heating up in the real world, as the pair went on an impromptu date after Afia admitted her feelings for him in an interview.

Appearing on the Reality podcast with Will Njobvu, Afia said: “If I was still in there I would have 100% gone for Remi. He’s tall, dark, handsome, what’s not to like?”

The 25-year-old lounge host was then left shocked when Remi walked in to the room as a surprise.

The pair were given spaghetti and a glass of bubbly for a makeshift date while they got to know each other on the podcast for the first time.

Remi asked: “So would you be up for meeting some time? For a drink?”

“Sure,” Afia replied. “I would love to go and I go to Manchester all the time. I would love to.”

The conversation then turned a little darker, when Remi was asked about his experience on social media after the show, revealing he’s been sent “death threats”.

Remi was subjected to some pretty harsh tweets making fun of him after being asked to perform a rap on Aftersun by Laura Whitmore.

Seemingly nervous, he obliged and did a freestyle rap, but could not finish the last line.

Many accused the host of “humiliating” him, asking him to perform a rap on the spot when he was clearly “upset” after having just been dumped from the villa.