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09th Mar 2022

Male podcaster says women don’t have hobbies – and, no. Just no

Another day, another misogynistic male podcast host.

TikTokers have hilariously hit back at a male podcast host for making a pretty sexist remark.

Jack Denmo, host of the Good Bro Bad Bro podcast recently went viral for asking his viewers if girls had hobbies and saying he did not know any women who “actually have hobbies”.

Many people were were left in shock after the clip, but rather than point out the obvious fact that yes, women have hobbies, they decided to poke fun at his outrageous comments.

TikTok user @carolinelusk responded sarcastically by saying she had tons of hobbies, like putting on lip gloss, eating lettuce, and doing her makeup to go to the mall.

@carolinelusk #stitch with @goodbrobadbro @Best Buy stop selling microphones to just anyone pls. #fyp #foryou #foryoupage ♬ original sound – clusk

Even celebrities joined in. Doja Cat shared her reaction to the clip, jokingly saying that her only hobbies included putting her hair in a ponytail and eating, before bursting into a fit of laughter.

@dojacat #stitch with @goodbrobadbro ♬ original sound – Doja Cat

The original clip has since been deleted from the podcast’s page but this is not the first sexist clip that has gone viral from the show.

Good Bro Bad Bro says it aims to help “young men improve their dating/game, business and social life”, while exploring topics like ‘how to talk to girls’ and ‘how to get a girlfriend’.

Past episodes have seen Jack discussing the importance of a woman staying in shape, complaining about women who can’t cook, and ranting about how only men have to put effort into dating while women just have to exist.

Several others have responded to his videos questioning if he knows any women in real life, while others wondered what is going on with the recent upsurge in podcasts with hosts like this.

TikTok user @fiveandthirty4 said: “Hey, to the factory somewhere that’s producing in mass these copy/paste misogynistic podcast host robots – can you slow the f*ck down please?”