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09th Sep 2015

This Is Why Louis Tomlinson’s Little Sister Is Upstaging Him Right Now

Hint: It has to do with glitter and mermaids.

Megan Cassidy

Being a sibling of a One Directioner can’t be easy.

But there is no doubt that Louis Tomlinson’s little sister Lottie is paving her own (glittery) way.


The beauty-obsessed 17-year-old has been touring with the band for some time, assisting with hair and makeup and basically perfecting her craft.

Now, she has started her own YouTube channel and is posting tutorials on how to achieve various fun beauty looks.


She has two tutorials so far, one detailing a glittery lip and another showing us how to rock mermaid lids.

Glitter and mermaids? We’re on board.

Video via YouTube/LOTTIEvideo

Video via YouTube/LOTTIEvideo