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10th Nov 2023

Strictly’s Amy Dowden completes chemotherapy after breast cancer diagnosis

Strictly star Amy Dowden has completed her chemotherapy

The dancer was diagnosed with breast cancer in May and was later diagnosed with another form of cancer.

Amy confirmed to her followers that she has finally completed chemotherapy.

The proud dancer shared a photo of her ringing the chemo bell in the hospital.

She smiled alongside two fellow patients in a moving Instagram post.

“Today all three of us ring that chemo bell! 32,35 and 26 when all diagnosed with breast cancer so please this is a note from us three to check your chest!”

Amy stressed that checking your breasts for lumps is important for all women because “cancer doesn’t discriminate”.

“Our wish to you all is the remember to monthly check!” she said.

Earlier this week, Amy confirmed to her followers that she had her eighth chemotherapy appointment at the Sheldon Unit.

She took the time to praise the staff who have taken such good care of her throughout the most harrowing time in the dancer’s life.

“It’s chemo number 8! The last one! We are finally here. I’ve cried all morning!

“Right an afternoon of chemo and then I’m so lucky and grateful to be able to ring that bell! Will never take it for granted!”

The ‘Strictly’ star added: “Thank you to the incredible Sheldon Unit! You are all amazing NHS, all true heroes.”

Amy has been praised for raising awareness and urging her followers to conduct self-exams. She has been facing one of the toughest moments in her life but chose to use her platform to educate and help others and it’s really incredible.

The pro-dancer really is an inspiration to us all.

Click here for information on breast check and how to conduct a self-exam at home.