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26th Sep 2023

Stacey Solomon gets emotional as son Rex reaches milestone

Anna Martin

Stacey Solomon found herself getting emotional as she sent her son Rex off to school this week.

The Loose Women presenter found herself on the verge of tears as she watched her four-year-old set-off, dressed in his uniform and ready for the day.

Stacey documented the big moment and joked that Rex looked like he was ‘off to uni this morning’ in the adorable snap she shared on Instagram.

“When did he get so big?” she lamented: “Time really is a thief isn’t it?”

Though the proud mum might have been in her feelings, her son Rex was happily grinning for the camera in his green and grey school uniform looking excited to get going.

Stacey’s emotional moment comes after she confessed to feeling a lot of ‘mum guilt’ as she shared what her morning routine looked like before heading off to work.

The mum of five starts off the day at full speed, hopping on the treadmill to kick things off and running for her “absolute life like I was being chased by the police,” as she put it.

Then she moved on to the things a lot of us use to start our day, showering and brushing her teeth before she encountered her husband Joe Swash who provided the first mild annoyance of the day.

“Had to print off Joe’s scripts because ten years of a relationship won’t teach you how to use a printer,” she said before starting breakfast for her kids and giving them the “mandatory ‘mum guilt’ cuddles”.

Not everyone was impressed with her morning routine video with trolls slating her for not being real.

Stacey quickly shut down the nasty comments.

“I’m presuming you’re going to do a keep fit video. I thought you keep it real?,’ penned one disgruntled viewer to which Stacey clapped back, “You presume wrong Linda. I just want to be strong. I deserve that!”