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28th Aug 2016

Remember Regina George’s little sister? She’s all grown up

It’s been over 12 years since we were first gifted with the masterpiece that is Mean Girls.

The film is a classic and naturally, it’s lead antagonist Regina George is iconic. In the film we are briefly introduced to Regina’s little sister Kylie. With her hip shaking and dance moves, it looked like Kylie was set to become a carbon copy of big sister Regina.

In real life, however, actress Nicole Crimi who played Kylie, turned out to be a lot more similar to Janice.

Now 20, Crimi is an aspiring artist. She writes:

“I paint what I can’t say with words… And draw everything else.”

Nicole explains to Hello Giggles that she left acting because of a lack of opportunity.

“I wanted to pursue art and an education,” she says.

But she continued to say that Mean Girls will forever be in her heart.

“Honestly, I love the movie just as much as everyone else.”

Crimi works with graphite, prismacolour and other drawing materials and her inspiration seems to come from the world around her.

Her work can be found on Instagram HERE.

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