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11th Aug 2021

Patrick Dempsey left Ireland with a Michael D. Higgins tea cosy

Sarah McKenna Barry

The Grey’s Anatomy star now has an adorable souvenir to remember his time in Ireland.

It may be hard to admit, but Patrick Dempsey has indeed left Irish shores.

The Hollywood actor made himself quite at home here as filming took place on Disney’s sequel to Enchanted.

As well as seeing the sights, Dempsey made sure he’d remember his visit with a souvenir or two, and the latest in his collection is absolutely adorable.

During his final few days in Ireland, Dempsey headed west to the island of Inis Meáin in Galway Bay. There, he visited the Inis Meáin Aran Factory, and left with a Michael D. Higgins tea cosy.

In the aftermath of his visit, one of the factory’s workers, Anne Howard shared that she presented him with the unique souvenir, and he was kind enough to pose for a picture with her.

She wrote: “He is every bit as gorgeous, sweet and generous as he comes across on tv/films.”

She added: “He is now the proud owner of a Michael D. Higgins tea cosy! Hope he owns a tea pot.”

Anne later spoke to The Sunday World about the exchange: “I gave him a tea cosy and I didn’t know if he knew what a tea cosy was.

“He said: ‘Oh I do, I do drink tea’, and he had seen the cosies in Wicklow where they had gone for a coffee or whatever. He was delighted with it.”

Anne also told Patrick all about Michael D. Higgins, and his interest in the arts.

“He was quite interested,” she said. “He seems very genuine, interested in people, the place and had a genuine sense of awe about the island and the people and the craft, a very nice, intelligent, warm guy, very well-spoken.”

Well, there you have it. The Grey’s Anatomy star left Ireland the proud owner of a Michael D. tea cosy. It’s safe to say we eagerly await his return.