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25th Nov 2021

Love Island’s Faye says her “confidence shrivelled to nothing” after getting lip filler dissolved

Katy Brennan

“I got a lot of comments saying, ‘you look so much better without your lip filler’, which to me are backhanded compliments.”

Faye Winters has spoken out about embracing what makes you happy, regardless of what others think.

During her stint in the Love Island villa, Faye’s lips were much talked about and often the target of online trolls – who she refers to as “nasty people”.

Speaking to The Sun, the 26-year-old said she prefers her appearance with lip fillers, and isn’t here to please others.

When Faye got her lip fillers dissolved last month, she was bombarded with comments telling her she looked much better au natural. And she wasn’t happy.

“I got a lot of comments saying, ‘You look so much better without your lip filler’ or ‘You look so much younger’ – which to me are backhanded compliments,” she told The Sun.

“They looked hideous without filler — so wrinkly, like a raisin. They would have rejuvenated in time, but there wasn’t one part of me that was going to allow them to stay like that. I prefer me with lip filler.

“I will never be influenced by anyone else’s opinion. I don’t do anything for anyone else. I’m not here to please every Tom, Dick and Harry.”

Due to an accident during an unaired Love Island challenge over the summer, Faye’s lips were damaged leaving them uneven, with one side protruding. The injury even affected her speech.

Solving this meant Faye had to temporarily dissolve the filler and return to her natural lips, although she was reluctant.