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19th Nov 2021

Love Island’s Amber Gill hit with death threats and abusive messages

Sarah McKenna Barry

“I’m not going to just ignore it because this behaviour needs to be challenged.”

Amber Gill has said that she’s received death threats and abuse from online trolls after some headlines linked her to footballer Jack Grealish.

Amber, who won Love Island in 2019 with Limerick lad Greg O’Shea, said that she has since been inundated with hateful DMs on social media.

Initially, Amber chose to stay silent when the “false” reports were circulating, but decided to call out the headlines as well as the hate she received as she believes that this sort of behaviour “needs to be challenged”.

She then called out the use of the term “other woman”, as it seems to suggest that women are “collectible trophies for men”.

In a statement posted to her Instagram story, the Love Island star described the impact the abuse has had on her.

Amber wrote: “After the headlines yesterday making it look like I had given an interview saying ‘I’m the other, other woman’ I have received hundreds of abusive messages and DEATH threats.

“I chose to ignore the headlines but as the day went on I began to feel more and more angry and upset and I’m not going to just ignore it because this behaviour needs to be challenged.

“The 2 false articles written about me have invited complete strangers to DM the most vile and intimidating things, and worse still threatened my life! Why?? Because they believe the complete rubbish written about me yesterday. So, I’m not going to just quietly ignore it.”

She continued: “For absolute clarity and in MY words, I’ve never been the ‘other woman’ nor will I ever be. And I would also never use the degrading term ‘other woman’ either (like we are collectible, trophies for men!)”

She finished up by saying: “How quickly you forget your OWN mental health campaign?? #bekind.”