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09th Jan 2014

Lindsay Lohan’s Laptop Complete With Naked Photos Has Reportedly Been Stolen

Sue Murphy

Lindsay Lohan can just never seem to catch a break. The actress’s laptop has reportedly been stolen as she travelled through Shanghai airport.

According to Heat, Lohan landed in Shanghai airport while on a promotional tour of China. However, her laptop was stolen while in the airport.

Lindsay reportedly has some naked photos on the computer from previous editorial shoots among other things.

People Lindsay Lohan_Phyr

Apparently, the laptop also contains her twitter log-in and access to her email account which contains various important email addresses including Woody Allen and Lady Gaga.

Lohan issued an appeal for the safe return of the computer, also promising an reward. The tweet has since been removed from her account which she seems to currently still have access to.

It’s reported that the actress has been contacted asking for money for its safe return by the thieves in question.


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