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07th Dec 2013

Her Girl Crush… Eleven Reasons We Love And Adore Sarah Jessica Parker

We would not break up with her on a post it...

It’s been gone off our small screens for far too long now, but we will never forget the star of the hour, the lovely Sarah Jessica Parker. Here are eleven reasons we love this starlet.

1. Her style.

We could just leave this with one very important reason, but we do love the others.

sarah jessica parker

2. This picture with Jennifer Lawrence.

Just perfection.


3. Have you seen her?

She’s such a cute little thing!

Kevin Mazur

4. We love the hair.

We really wish we had hair like that, honestly.

sjp hair

5. Sex and the City.

Just all of it.

6. Shoes.

All of the shoes. All of them.


7. That turn in Hocus Pocus.

We can’t stress this enough, we LOVE Hocus Pocus.

8. Because she turned up in Glee!

Yes, Glee!

9. She was tied to Robert Downey Jr.

We are still upset they split up.


10. She’s one half of one of the cutest couples ever.

Matthew Broderick, just stop.


11. She pressured Graham into wearing this.